Policies & Forms

This page has links to SEUSKF regulation and policy documents, AUSKF forms and documents as well as general information documents that may be downloaded. Tournament guides and promotion guides, forms, charts etc. will all be posted here eventually (typically in pdf format).

SEUSKF Forms, Policies, and Regulations

SEUSKF Promotion Guide

SEUSKF Promotion Form


SEUSKF Policies & Procedures

Amendments to Policies & Procedures

2014 Amendments to By-Laws


Guide to Dojo Membership in the SEUSKF

SEUSKF Mentor Program

4Dan promotion shimpan experience form

AUSKF Forms, Policies, and Regulations

This link will take you to the page on the AUSKF site that has promotion requirements, study guide, applications, menjo information, insurance, liability release forms and similar items.

2013 AUSKF Policy Update

AUSKF Team Giveback Request Form

General Information:

Shinpan Tebiki

This is a copy of the shinpan tebiki translated by R. Stroud sensei.

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