Shinsa Regulations

This is a new page we are organizing with information about preparing for promotions, what is required for promotion at different levels including SEUSKF specific rules, and also hosting a promotion.


Promotion requirements:

Most of the requirements for promotion are set by the national federation (you can see these at the AUSKF web page , along with other member info).

However, it is important to note that the SEUSKF has additonal rules that are SEUSKF specific. These include:

Highest rank you can test for on first promotion exam- 2kyu

You cannot test for a rank higher than 2 kyu on your first promotion exam.


Beginning in the Fall of 2015- Kyu ranked promotions of 4, 3 and 2 kyu will be required to test with jitsugi, kirikaeshi, and some portion of bokuto ni yoru kihon waza keiko wo, also known as kihon kata. We anticipate the following level specific kata be part of test:

4 KYU- kihon kata 1-3

3 KYU- kihon kata 1-6

2 KYU- kihon kata 1-9


Also beginning in the Fall of 2054- Persons testing for yondan will need to have documentation of having acted as shinpan and having attended a shinpan seminar to be eligible to test. Copies of this documentation will need to be handed in with rest of promotion paperwork. Please dowonload the form HERE