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The SEUSKF is a regional federation of the All US Kendo Federation (AUSKF)

*Last update: July 28, 2014



All U.S. Kendo Championships SEUSKF Results
 James Ro and Woohyeong Cho both got 3rd place in Jr. Youth Boys individuals.

Daniel Choi placed in the top 8 in Jr. Youth Boys Individuals.

Jeanne-Marie Tchoumak placed 3rd in Sr. Youth Girls Individuals.

Jeffery Hunter Rice and Nicole Stark both got Kanto-sho for Mudansha Individuals.

Youth Girls Team placed 3rd.

Mudansha Team placed 2nd.

All Carolina Kendo Tournament Results

3rd All-Carolina Tournament (2014)
1. Woohyeong Cho (Shudokan).
2. Michael Farmer (Koryo).
3. Koji Ishimori (Columbia)
3. Tyler Davis (Columbia)
Kanto Sho. Zeo Peller (North Raleigh).

1. Myrna Freedman (Bushinkai).
2. Xiaonyan Shi (Winthrop).
3. Hazel Duvall (Bushinkai).
3. Erin Rhoads (Winthrop).
Kanto Sho. Xiaongan Shi.

1. Matthew Graham (Atlanta Kendo Kai).
2. Zahn Kenon (Baltimore-Annapolis).
3. Eddie Facey (Atlanta Kendo Kai).
3. Chris LeGrand (Winthrop).
Kanto Sho. Emily Long (Winthrop).

1. James Kim (Triangle).
2. Nozumu Ishimori (Columbia).
3. Taylor Raffield (Charlotte).
3. Craig Philbeck (Charlotte).
Kanto Sho. Jerald Wiley (Columbia).

Youth Team.
1. Columbia Kendo Club.
2. North Raleigh Kendo Club.

1. Koryo-Baltimore-Annapolis.
2. Charlotte “A” Team.
3. Columbia Kendo Club.
3. Winthrop “A” team.

16th Spring Eastern United States Kumdo Championship HRKC results

Let’s congratulate the Hampton Roads Kendo Club members for their showing at the 16th Spring Eastern United States Kumdo Championship.
Children Individual Division: 2nd Place (Silver medal) Edmund Park
Children Team Division: 1st Place (Gold medal) Justin Yoo, Andrew Park, Edmund Park
Girls(Age 11-15) Individual Division: 2nd Place (Silver medal) Jennifer Lee
Girls (Age 11-15) Team Division: 1st Place (Gold medal) Clara Park, Sarah Lee, Jennifer Lee
Youth (Age 13-14) Individual Division: 1st Place Jonathan Choi 2nd Place Andrew Yoo 3rd Place Daniel Choi
Youth (Age 13-14) Team Division: 1st Place (Gold Medal) Jonathan Choi, Daniel Choi, Andrew Yoo, Clara Park, Sarah Lee
Youth (Age 15-17) Individual Division: 1st Place Edward Choi 3rd Place Michael Kim
Youth (Age 15-17) Team Division: 1st Place (Gold medal) Edward Choi, Daniel Choi, Jonathan Choi, Heesang Yoo, Michael Kim

The AUSKF has sent out a policies revision.

Please find it HERE

Also, the AUSKF has posted a form to request seminars by U.S. National Team members. The form may be found HERE

 August 2013 SEUSKF BOD meeting minutes

Updated By-Laws and Promotion Guide

The By-Laws and Promotion Guide have been updated with current policy decisions made by the Board of directors in the last BOD meeting. The new versions may be found on the ‘Policies and Forms‘ page.

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